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AFV accounted for 4.5% of new car sales in Western Europe in Q1 2016

Data published by the ACEA showed that sales of AFV in Western Europe (EU-28 + EFTA) amounted to 177,182 in Q1 2016, up 10.7% from the same period in 2014. This brought AFV penetration in new car sales in Western Europe to 4.5% in Q1 2016 (6.4% in EU).

EVs, and HEVs achieved year-on-year (y-y) growth of +37.5% and 29.7% respectively whereas NGV+LPG sales fell by 22.4% comparing to 2014.



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Automotive cyber security and privacy: the new frontier for Connected Cars

Over the next decade, as automobile-driving progresses from Connected and Assisted to highly and fully-automated, the protection of the vehicle’s augmented ‘’attack surface’’ will become a top priority for carmakers and regulators. Thus, vehicle safety will expand from passive and active to yet another dimension, that of security against cyber threats, which also includes data privacy.

This is because holistic safety, security and privacy are incremental features for consumer acceptance of these new automotive technologies. They are also paramount for the viability of OEMs’ investment and critical for the transition towards more autonomous and eventually self-driving cars.

Additionally, as V2V and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications expand, another segment in the Automotive Cyber Security market will be unveiled, one that also needs to be addressed now.

We assess that in the wake of the recent car hacks by cyber security researchers and US Senator Markey’s report on the vulnerability of modern vehicles to malicious attacks, Automotive Cyber Security will unfold as the key topic in OEMs and suppliers’ agenda for the immediate future.

Moreover, we expect that the competitive landscape will alter significantly from its current status through M&A, the formation of new partnerships, and new investments. Consequently, new business models and opportunities will arise.

The key challenges here are how quickly the level of security and privacy in Connected Cars will rise to sufficient levels to avoid having vulnerable vehicles. Furthermore, how the cost of embedding cyber security solutions to new vehicles will affect OEMs, consumers and other key automotive stakeholders.

’The expansion of the vehicle’s attack surface means that many OEMs will have to rely more on automotive cyber security companies with expertise in this field, since most Tier-1s’ expertise is also limited. The outcome will be the formation of new partnerships, M&A and further investment in the Automotive Cyber Security market.’’

What this report delivers:

Our report identifies the drivers that will fuel growth in the Automotive Cyber Security market over the next decade and provides a roadmap of adoption for Cyber Security solutions for Connected Cars.

Additionally, it delivers an insight into the evolution of the market landscape, drawing conclusions from a panel of industry experts and our in-house expertise.


Analysis of the current market landscape and the opportunities it presents:

  • demand vs supply, OEM-fitment, recent hacking events, regulatory status in 2014/15
  • investment, M&A and partnerships in the Automotive Cyber Security market

Identification of the drivers of growth during the forecast period to help you understand what will drive future changes in cybersecurity technology:

  • proliferation of Connected Cars and Connected-to-the-car devices (Internet-of-Vehicle)
  • enhanced demand for penetration testing and product evaluation from OEMs
  • increasing role of cloud technology and network architectures
  • Government regulation and standards (SPYAct, SAE International, etc.)

Forecasts for the period 2015-2025:

  • Automotive Cyber Security Forecast 2015-2025: Roadmap of adoption in US and W.Europe
  • Hardware Vs. Software-based Automotive Cyber Security solutions and Services
  • Forecast of Cost of Automotive Cyber Security Solutions Per Vehicle for OEMs ($)
  • Drivers of growth and restraints of adoption over the next decade
  • Global & Regional Connected Car Forecast 2015-2025
  • Forecast of cars equipped with Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Capability 2015-2025
  • US V2V & V2I Communications Penetration Forecast 2015-2025

Understand the competitive landscape by reading the 4 exclusive interviews with representatives from the leading companies with the Automotive Cyber Security market:

  • Arilou Technologies
  • Cisco Systems
  • SBD
  • TowerSec

Identify the leading companies within Automotive Cyber Security by reading the 14 company profiles together with their service and product portfolio of:

  • Argus Cyber Security
  • Arilou Technologies
  • BT Security
  • Cisco Systems
  • ESCRYPT Embedded Systems
  • Intel Corporation
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Red Bend Software
  • SBD & NCC Group
  • Secunet AG
  • Security Innovation
  • Symphony Teleca & Guardtime
  • TowerSec
  • Utimaco GmbH
  • Other Leading Companies in the Automotive Cyber Security Market

Conclusions of our findings and recommendations for key stakeholders.

For more information on our Automotive Cyber Security Market Forecast: the secure Connected Car report including Sample pages and full Table of Contents, please contact us on

For more information on this report, including sample pages and full Table of Contents, please contact us on (+44) (0)20 3286 4562 or using Contact us form

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