Automotive Cyber Security

Karamba Security and Symantec launch new products for Automotive Cyber Security

Retrofitting existing vehicles is a priority

Demand for solutions that protect existing and upcoming Connected Cars from cyber-threats is high and as a result new companies are entering the Automotive Cyber Security arena. These news come just a few days after the car alarm hack in a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid and the faulty software update that caused trouble to Lexus owners in the US.

Back in March, the FBI in a joint statement with the NHTSA and UDOT warned about the vulnerabilities of modern vehicles, advising owners to keeping automotive software up to date as well as avoiding any unauthorized changes to a vehicle’s software and being careful about plugging insecure gadgets into the car’s network.

Karamba launches CarWall software to secure Connected Cars

Karamba Security, the US-Israeli start-up which in April  raised $2.5 million, launched CarWall, a purely software solution that enables OEMs and Tier-1s to detect any deviations from factory settings and prevent exploits by hardening ECUs against any type of foreign 0code.

We interviewed Karamba’s Executive Chairman and one of its cofounders, Mr David Barzilai, for our new report on the Automotive Cyber Security market which is expected to be published in end-Jun 2016. Here’s an extract of how he describes Karamba’s offerings:

 ‘’Karamba’s software is a unique proposition because it resides on externally-connected ECUs, which are the gates to the car, and it has the ability to automatically learn all the factory settings of the car ECU software. Thereafter, any foreign code or any function code detected that is not part of the factory settings clearly implies a threat. We seal the ECU software automatically and we do the detection and prevention based on this sealing automatically as well. This means that our solution does not required any developers’ attention, or changes, which is important for the industry.

Finally, Karamba’s solution does not require any updates which is also quite important for the industry because this industry is not accustomed to updates. But when you release a new version of your ECU we should be part of this ECU software as well.’’

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Symantec launches Anomaly Detection for Automotive

California, US-based Symantec Corporation announced the launch of a new software for Automotive Cyber Security called Anomaly Detection for Automotive. The software uses machine learning to analyze the normal behaviour of a vehicle’s CAN, spot security threats and neutralize them.

This launch demonstrate that Symantec is expecting substantial growth in automotive security, which constitutes a part of IoT security. The company already offers embedded security tools, code signing and managed public key infrastructure to secure.

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