Concern about car hacking has grown but industry response remains weak, says Security Innovation’s survey

Security is a safety issue and a top priority for the USDOT but is it also for OEMs and other stakeholders?

NHTSA’s recent guidelines about vehicle cybersecurity urge stakeholders to make security an organisational priority and adopt existing guidance (standards from SAE, Auto-ISAC) among others.

The regulatory action follows recent ”white hacker” demostrations of security weaknesses in modern cars -with Tesla being the latest ”victim” – and concern that as vehicle connectivity, automation and V2V communication progresses a succesful malicious attack could have catastrophic consequences.

Security Innovation’s survey identifies gap 

A cybersecurity survey of more than 500 automotive professionals from OEMs and suppliers sponsored by Security Innovation and
INTEGRITY Security Services indicates that a gap exists in securing Connected Cars.

Half of the 500 automotive OEM and suppliers’ professionals surveyed in Security Innovation’s latest Vehicle Cybersecurity study believe that ”hackers are actively targeting automobiles but only 54% of respondents agree that security is a priority for their company. This puts the automotive near the bottom of those industries who put security as a priority with financial at the top”.

Another finding was that ”the lack of skilled personnel and requirements, and pressure to meet release dates are the main
impediments to secure software development”.

Check their whitepaper here:

Automotive Cyber Security is becoming a top priority for OEMs but lack of regulation and standardisation restricts security adoption, Auto2x 

Auto2x is concerced that while carmakers strive to roll out more and more Connected Cars and models equipped with Advanced
Driver Assistance Systems in an attempt to gain competitive advantage and enhance costumer-loyalty, cybersecurity remains an afterthough.

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