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Automated Driving: Regulatory impact on the deployment of highly-automated driving.

July 11’s launch of the first-ever Level 3 capable car marks a new era in Autonomous Driving. However, L3 deployment is still subject to regulatory approval. What’s more, the regulatory and legal framework differs across leading car markets.

Here are some insights on which geographies present the most favourable environment for L3 deployment.

Highly-automated driving will be legal in Germany from Sep’17 giving a head start to German brands who are closer to delivering L3. This demonstrates the country’s ambition to be in the forefront of Autonomous driving -not only testing but crucially deployment- ahead of the U.S.A.

Germany will lead L3 deployment in Europe but standardization across Europe is threatened by delays in the amendment process of Regulation No.79.

U.S.A offers a favorable environment for L3 deployment since approval of testing and deployment is at state level while NHTSA’s Federal Autonomous Vehicle Policy is non-binding. But standardization across states is an issue as inconsistencies between state AV regulations exist.

What’s more, there is a concern that the U.S. is pursuing a go-it-alone strategy in an effort to give the domestic industry an advantage. On the contrary, Japan’s government wants to develop international standards for AD through the U.N. World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations and Europe is focused on safe and secure deployment with the amendment of Reg.79.

Finally, technology deployment in the world’s largest car market is at risk as delays in Europe’s regulatory amendment have initiated discussion to adopt an earlier version of automated steering regulation which does not include provisions for L3-4.


For an in-depth analysis of the Autonomous Driving regulation in major car markets and how it will affect the AD roadmap of leading carmakers read our report Roadmap to Self-Driving cars.

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