Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car

£10,000 | Buy now  Our Intelligent, Secure & Autonomous car report portfolio comprises 418 pages and 156,000 words which analyze the strategy and roadmaps of the Top-30 carmakers and Top-10 Tier-1 suppliers to reach Full-automation. You will find detailed ADAS feature deployment forecasts for passenger car brands in Europe, the USA and China, segmented into driving and parking features. Our portfolio also provides insights on regulation for Connected and Automated Driving as well as cybersecurity.

Auto2x: Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car Report Portfolio Carmakers are investing in Autonomous cars to create a new USP This report focuses on leading car manufacturers’ ADAS & Automated Driving portfolio and their strategies to transition towards full automation and self-driving cars. Moreover, it examines the regulatory landscape and other technical challenges and their implications […]

Top-10 Ranking of Chinese Carmakers in ADAS & Autonomous Driving: BAIC, BYD, Changan, Chery, Dongfeng, FAW, Geely, Great Wall Motors, GAC, and SAIC

£2,799 | Buy now  Chinese Carmakers are closing the gap with their global competitors Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and Honda. This report analyzes the Top-10 Chinese Carmakers in ADAS: BAIC, BYD, Changan, Chery, Dongfeng, FAW, Geely, Great Wall Motors, GAC, and SAIC. We examine their roadmaps in ADAS Level 2-4, their sensor technology for autonomous driving and their shares in the deployment of ADAS in China.

2021 will see leading Chinese carmakers shifting to mass-deployment of Level-3 Conditional Automation in driving and parking features The efforts of Chinese carmakers to enhance their ADAS portfolios and narrow the technological gap for Lv.2-4 with their global competitors are intensifying. Changan’s UNI series is equipped with Lv.3 Traffic Jam Pilot (TJP) and has started […]

Rankings of the world’s Top-5 EV Charging Providers

£1,899 | Buy now  This report provides a ranking of the leading providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure by global stations, fast or slow, public and private. Furthermore, we analyze the outlook of EV Charging Infrastructure in China, the EU, USA and other leading hubs of electrification.

The state of global EV Charging Stations across major electrification hubs According to IEA Global EV Outlook 2021, the publicly accessible chargers (i.e. public EV charging refers to EV charging stations/points that are available to all EV drivers and located in publicly accessible locations, such as commercial locations or along highway corridors) reached 1.3 million […]

Carmakers’ Strategies in Shared & Smart Mobility

£2,799 | Buy now  This report examines how carmakers are positioned in Smart Mobility across services such as car-sharing, ride-hailing, connected parking, electric vehicle charging, online car sales and robo-taxis. It also analyzes their Techno-commercial Readiness level in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Learn about the leaders in Shared, Autonomous & Connected Mobility This report examines how carmakers are positioned in Shared & Smart Mobility and what their Techno-commercial Readiness level is. In more detail this report provides: Competitor analysis of key carmakers in Mobility Services segmented by capabilities in 10 key Mobility modes, technology competence and winning […]

30 Carmakers’ roadmaps in Automated Driving by 2025

£5,000 | Buy now  This 50,000-word report examines the current status of autonomous vehicle deployment including the ADAS&AD portfolio of 30 leading brands, the engineering and regulatory challenges for high levels of autonomy and the business models to overcome them. Finally, we provide a technological roadmap for the introduction of L2-5 by leading OEM.

Leading carmakers’ roadmap and strategy to commercialize Automated Driving 2021 will see regulation finally allowing the introduction of LEVEL 3 Automated Driving technology that allows drivers to take their “eyes-off” the road under specific conditions In June 2020, regulators announced that the UNECE regulation on Automated Lane Keep Systems will allow Level 3 deployment in […]

Auto2x Perspectives in Electrification 2025

£2,899 | Buy now  This report focuses on how leading carmakers are developing and executing their strategies to better position themselves in the new era of electrified mobility. It also provides insights on how their model range and sales’ mix by powertrain will change between 2015 and 2025.

Aggressive electrification goals for emission compliance & next auto era Besides Tesla and Toyota’s who lead BEVs and HEVs respectively, most brands are still in the early stages of electrified-to brand’s European sales. But European Premium carmakers prepare a product offensive over the next 7 years announcing aggressive targets for up to one-third of sales […]

ADAS Suppliers Rankings & market shares 2015-20

£2,799 | Buy now  ADAS penetration rates are expected to increase significantly due to regulation, safety rating systems, lower cost of sensors or implementation. Rising penetration will boost revenues for automotive suppliers and contribute significantly to their profitability. This 30,000-word report examines the rankings and market shares of ADAS hardware component suppliers (radar, cameras, Lidar, ultrasonic sensors) in 2015-19 by ADAS revenues and provides forecasts up to 2020.

Learn about the market shares of ADAS Suppliers in camera, radar and lidar and leaders by ADAS revenue. ADAS Revenue will almost double between 2020 & 2025 as ADAS Content per Vehicle rises ADAS content per vehicle, i.e. the fitment of radars, cameras, ultrasonics, and other components necessary for driver assistance and higher levels of […]

Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025

Insights from our report: Carmakers’ Automated Driving Roadmaps 2025 Learn how carmakers, Tier-1s and new-entrants, including tech giants Apple and Google (Waymo), plan to overcome the challenges and commercialize autonomous driving How do leading OEMs plan to achieve L4/5 capabilities and by when? We examine OEM strategy, new business models and key collaborations to introduce […]

European Autonomous Driving Forecast up to 2025 by Driving & Parking

£1,899 | Buy now  Higher vehicle automation promises to improve vehicle safety, driver convenience and eventually revolutionize mobility with Europe being at the forefront of developments. This report examines the AD roadmap of 36 leading brands to provide a forecast of the deployment of SAE Level 2 to Level 4 features in Europe until 2025, segmented into features for Driving & Parking.

  Our European Autonomous Driving forecast finds that European carmakers will lead the race in Autonomous Driving deployment over the next decade The vehicle automation mix of the European passenger car market will change significantly over the next decade due to the proliferation of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) for higher vehicle autonomy. The commercialization of […]

New Regulatory roadmaps: Autonomous Driving, Automotive Cyber Security, V2X & AI

£2,699 | Buy now  Deployment of Level 3 automated driving is subject to regional regulatory approval. This report analyses the regulatory landscape for the transition from Supervised to Unsupervised-Driving (SAE Level 4-5) to allow deployment of higher levels of autonomy. Since the future is also Secure and Connected, our analysis also provides a regulatory guide on Automotive Cyber Security, V2X (V2V-V2I) & AI.

        New Autonomous Driving Regulations and the Legal framework still need to evolve to allow higher vehicle autonomy As the automotive and technology industries race to higher vehicle levels of Autonomous Driving, the regulatory barrier becomes a determinant of their commercialization strategies. Regulation allowing the introduction of Level 3 from the UNECE […]

Automotive Cyber Security 2025: the Secure Connected Car

£3,259 | Buy now Our report examines the current demand and supply status, including the regulatory status and offerings from leading companies in Automotive Cyber Security, and delivers forecasts on the development of the global Automotive Cyber Security market for passenger cars over the next decade, coupled with insightful interviews with leading cybersecurity vendors.

Automotive Cyber Security to rise over the next decade. As automobiles become more Connected and Fully automated, in-vehicle safety will expand from its physical dimension to yet cover the Cyber-Physical aspect. A layered approach is required in addition to minimum requirements of ”identification, detection, prevention, response and recovery we be mandated” which will probably become […]