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Automotive Cyber Security Market: 26 companies to watch in 2016

The acquisition of TowerSec by Harman last month and the partnership between Argus and Israeli Check Point are just a start to what we believe will be a ground-braking year for the Automotive Cyber Security market. 2016 is the year when securing the Connected Car will unfold as the top priority for OEMs and regulators.
This is because as the Internet-of-Car expands and generates increasing amounts of data, a proactive and preventing approach on cyber security will be necessary. Consequently, mandatory fitment will come sooner than expected fuelling demand for Automotive Cyber Security expertise over the next decade.

Which are the companies to watch in 2016 and why?

We monitor the developments of more than 25 suppliers of Automotive Cyber Security solutions globally, together with all OEMs, Tier 1s and key providers of Connected Car products and platforms.


Fig.1: 26 Companies to watch in the Automotive Cyber Security market in 2016

AIRMIKA Inc. (USA) NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Argus Cyber Security Ltd. (Israel) OIActive (USA)
Arilou Technologies Ltd. (Israel) Qualcomm (USA)
BT Security (UK) Red Bend Software (Israel)
Cisco Systems Inc. (USA) SBD & NCC Group (UK)
Continental AG (Germany) Secunet AG (Germany)
Covisint Corporation (USA) Security Innovation Inc. (USA)
ESCRYPT Embedded Security (Germany) Symphony Teleca & Guardtime (USA)
Harman International Industries (USA) Tech Mahindra (India)
Infineon Technologies AG (Germany) TowerSec (USA)
Intel Security (USA) Trillium Inc. (Japan)
IVSG LLC (USA) Utimaco GmbH (Germany)
Lear Corporation (USA) WhiteCryction (USA)


Source: Auto2x 2016


Here are some of the key factors we assess:

  • Product/Service portfolio
  • Product/Service category: software-based, hardware-based or services
  • Product/Service target: OEMs, consumers, dealerships
  • Company structure and financials (R&D expenditure, earnings, funding)
  • Company maturity: start-up, mature, etc.
  • Location
  • Number of employees
  • Announcements of pilot programs, product evaluation or partnerships with OEMs or Tier 1s

 These factors allow us to establish the following for each company:

  • Role in the marketplace
  • Product differentiation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Outlook

Understand the role of each company in the marketplace, read about their outlook over the next decade and build your strategy to take advantage of the changing landscape in the Automotive Cyber Security Market.  Is embedding cyber security solutions in cars enough to prevent cybe-attacks or there is more to be done?

Read more in our report Automotive Cyber Security Market Forecast 2015-2025: the secure Connected Car.   

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