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Different Hardware Solutions and Its Applications in Successfully Protecting Connected Car against Cyber Attacks



The Connected Car, as part of a Smarter World, is highly connected to and interacting with its environment. It brings enormous promises for increased comfort, safety and efficiency. But it also raises questions regarding security and privacy: like all connected device, it also becomes a target for attackers.

Most vehicle hacks actually consists of a number of smaller steps. It usually starts with finding a vulnerability (a ‘bug’) in a system that is remotely accessible. But once you get for example into a car’s telematics unit, you have a good chance of getting into just about any other part of the car such as the ECUs that control engine speed, braking, cruise control, valet parking etc. Therefore, a “defense-in-depth” strategy shall be applied, applying multiple security techniques at different levels in the system, to mitigate the risk of one component of the defense being compromised or circumvented. This means that countermeasures must be applied at the wireless interfaces, but also in the in-vehicle network and individual ECUs (computers).

Although certain security features can be implemented in software, hardware support is required in most cases: sometimes for performance reasons, but more often also for security reasons. Updatability of software is, on the one hand, a powerful feature that allows the manufacturer to manage the product during its entire lifecycle. But at the same this updatability also provides hackers with a means to manipulate the product. Furthermore, software on its own cannot protect against more advanced (physical, invasive) attacks.

Mr Timo van Roermund, the Security Architect of NXP’s business unit Automotive will elaborate on the different hardware solutions and how they can be used to successfully protect the Connected Car protected against cyber attacks, making the Connected Car an opportunity for business and society rather than a threat to us all, in the upcoming event “The China Automotive Cyber Security Summit”(CACSS2016) to be held on 21-22 Jan. 2016 in Shanghai.

CACSS2016 a sister event of our “The 5thAnnual Telematics Summit” hold on 10-11 Sep this year. CACSS2016 will provide a platform for Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Automotive security solution/technology/products developers,IT companies, Mobile data suppliers, Automotive insurance companies, and automotive cyber security experts to address government regulations developing trends, Automotive cyber security standards, updated vulnerabilities, “Black Hat” behavior motivations, State-of-the-Art technology solutions, critical cyber security challenges and collaboration initiatives; Help you to understand tailored smart car cyber security products and solutions, develop a set of effective cyber security management system, improve the capability of protecting smart cars, and build up sustainable and profitable business partnership.

For the past 5 years we have been holding undisputed annual event for the connected care telematics ecosystem. In the largest and most high-profile gathering for automotive and tier 1 telematics executives, we guarantee this event will be the hub from which new contacts, partnerships and strategy are made, with 2016 set to be bigger than ever!

For more information please contact Coco Liu at Tel: +86 21 5271 0279


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