New Opportunities in Autonomous Driving, Electrification and Mobility

Read our white paper to learn about new technologies, upcoming regulation, and key player strategies that shape the competitive landscape in autonomous, electrified and shared mobility by 2030.

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Learn about the latest changes in regulation for Level 3 and Level 4 Autonomous Driving. Understand how the new regulation for “Automated Lane Keeping Systems” and robotaxis affects the deployment of Level-3 and Level 4 Automated Driving.

Read about the most important partnerships in 2021 in Autonomous Driving, Electric cars and Shared Mobility. Assess how major carmakers and global automotive Tier 1 suppliers expand their capabilities in sensors and software to defend their position against new competitors.

Get a better understanding of the emergence of Chinese carmakers as pioneers in the deployment of Level 2-3 Autonomous Driving features in the world’s biggest car market.

Explore the readiness level of Changan and Geely in Autonomous Parking and Driving features and how their partnerships with tech giants boost their growth outlook.

Prepare for the changing landscape in e-mobility by understanding the roadmaps to electrification from major carmakers. Learn about the transition from Internal Combustion Engines to Mild Hybrids using 48V architectures and components, Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) and Battery Electric Cars (BEV).

Assess Audi’s electrification roadmap by 2025 and how they plan to achieve it to respond to new emission regulations and rising competition in the electric car market.

Grasp why the charging and refueling infrastructure is becoming a bottleneck for the mass market commercialization of electric cars in Europe, USA and China.

Read our spotlight on one of the leading EV charging providers, ChargePoint, to understand their business model, service portfolio and market shares in public and private EV charging stations.

Gain insights about the strategies of leading carmakers in ten shared mobility business models including car-sharing, ride-hailing, online car sales, subscriptions, EV charging and smart parking.

Assess Volkswagen’s portfolio of services in Shared Mobility as well as their partnerships, investments to compete with Uber, Lyft, DiDi, Waymo and other leaders in Mobility-as-a-Service

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