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5G & 6G for Connected Driving, Full Autonomy, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities


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5G and 6G present significant opportunities in Automotive. The improvements in speed of data transmission, the reduction of latency, the accurate positioning at the sub-cm or even –mm level and other benefits, can improve existing connected features, support safer and automated driving and enable Industry 4.0.

Table of Contents

  1. Top opportunities for 5G and 6G in Automotive
    1. Safety applications utilizing joint communication, accurate positioning, sensing and location awareness
    2. Infotainment: HMI and Features-on-demand
    3. Electrified features
    4. Shared mobility: Robotaxis: Remote-operation using holographic tele-presense
    5. Industry 4.0
    6. Smart Cities
    7. Monetization opportunities and new business models
  2. Technology and infrastructure readiness
    1. Emerging Connectivity technologies
    2. Key industry investments and partnerships
    3. The innovation landscape: academia and patent filings
    4. Three frequency bands at the core of 5G networks
    5. Architecture
    6. IoT
    7. OTA updates
    8. Cyber Security
  3. The impact of regulation and standards
    1. Relevant Connectivity regulatory mandates
    2. 5G technology standards and licensing
  4. Player ecosystem
    1. The development of competition
    2. Start-ups
    3. OEMs
    4. Suppliers
  5. Regional market development: India, China, USA, Germany

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