Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025


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  • Publication: Dec 2020
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Today, drivers enjoy longitudinal and/or lateral driving assistance (SAE Level 0-2) in both parking and cruising scenarios. Conditional eyes-of-the-road (Level 3) is not permitted by regulation and traffic laws in Europe and China which has delayed or changed carmakers’ strategies.

Geo-fenced L4 in Automated-Mobility-on-Demand was launched in 2019 by Waymo but deployment in private cars follows a different roadmap.

Over the next 5 years, “Connected Collaborative Driving” rather than automated driving will be prevalent

  • We assess Lv.0-to-L2+ account for 99% of new car sales across 4 major car markets in 2020 and c.85% by 2025 respectively showcasing the opportunity in driver assistance systems to be the predominant solution for the next decade. Take rate driven primarily by regulation and NCAP;
  • ADAS revenue to rise with CAGR 12.6% between 2020 and 2025 to reach €35Bn incl. revenues from components, systems and env. models
Automated Driving 2025-Auto2x
Automated Driving 2025-Auto2x

Table of Contents

1. Automated Driving Roadmaps

  • AD Market status 2020 vs. 2025
  • ADAS sensor penetration
  • Carmaker AD strategies
  • L2-L4 penetration in 2025

2. Top Tier-1 Suppliers in ADAS

  • ADAS revenue 2020
  • Shares in radar, camera

3. Regulation for Autonomy, V2X & Cyber Security

  • Regulatory roadblocks to L3-4 in major markets

4. Automotive Cyber Security 2025: Secure Connected


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