Bosch’s market shares in ADAS & Autonomous Driving: Revenues, Sensors, Features and Ranking against other major Tier1s


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This report examines Bosch’s strategy and technology capability in ADAS & Autonomous Driving to provide a competitive assessment of their readiness level against other major ADAS Suppliers.

  1. Learn about the capabilities of Bosch’s portfolio of sensors and features and their roadmap to support Level 3 and Level 4 features in cars and robotaxis.
  2. Assess Bosch’s position in our “Ranking by ADAS Revenue” vs. Continental and other Tier-1s;
  3. Understand Bosch’s market shares in 77GHz and 24GHz radar, camera, Lidar, ultrasonics and super-computers in major markets.

The term ‘’ADAS suppliers’’ refers to manufacturers; designers; and/or distributors of hardware components (radar, camera, Lidar, ultrasonic sensors) and/or software for ADAS such as ACC, AEB which we refer to as “ADAS features”.

Bosch will maintain its leadership in ADAS among major Tier-1s but competitors are closing the gap

2020 was a turbulent year for the auto industry causing rippling effects on Bosch’s automotive revenues. Bosch, the world’s largest supplier by automotive revenue, saw revenues down by 7.9% in 2020 to €71.6 Billion from €77.7 Billion in 2019, according to its preliminary figures. The pandemic also affected revenues from ADAS despite the growth in the penetration of driver assistance systems.

The rise in ADAS Lv.1 & Lv.2 launches in 2020 was offset by lower volumes and some delay in the sourcing of ADAS due to the pandemic in H1 2020. Auto2x

Supercomputers & Lidar will fuel new growth, complementing revenues from radars and cameras

ADAS sensors such as cameras and radar for cruising, parking, and safety ADAS still account for the majority of ADAS sales for major Tier-1s. ADAS suppliers introduced new functionalities in 2020, such as Bosch’s new MPC3 video camera with AI-based object detection.

But 2020 also saw new business lines grow in order intake, among them supercomputers and lidar.

In December 2020 Bosch announced they received more than €2.5 Billion worth of orders for vehicle super-computers for automated driving in 2020. Its central computers have been on the roads since 2019 to reduce the complexity of electronic systems. Bosch expects that vehicle super-computers will become a multi-billion market growing to €20Bn by 2030. The company claims its vehicle computers will increase computing power in vehicles by a factor of 1,000 by the start of the next decade enabling autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity.

Bosch re-organized its ADAS segments to strengthen its position

Major Automotive Suppliers aim to secure their position as leading providers of automated driving solutions. They are also looking to become providers of Mobility solutions and focus on Software and AI. These forces sparked a strong uptake in the re-organization of ADAS segments of major Suppliers in 2020. To capitalize on the market opportunity for Automated Driving Software, Bosch created a new division called Cross-Domain Computing Solutions, which started operation in Jan’21. The division pulls together the company’s software experts.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  1. Key ADAS figures: revenues, sales, production of ADAS sensors

  2. Technology and portfolio of ADAS sensors and features

    1. Level 2 to Level 4 Driving and Parking features
    2. Investments in triple sensing & development of HD maps and supercomputers
    3. Bosch’s Top innovations in Automated Driving in 2021
    4. HW-SW for Level 4
  3. Bosch’s competitive position in ADAS: Ranking in Sensors & customers

  4. Outlook in ADAS for 2017-2020

  5. Ranking in ADAS Revenues vs. other major Tier-1s

    1. ADAS Supplier ranking by ADAS revenues in 2015-2020
    2. Suppliers’ ranking in ADAS Sensors in Europe, USA and China
    3. ADAS-to-automotive revenue Vs. Top3 ADAS suppliers



Table 1: Bosch’s rankings in the European ADAS market: radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors

Table 2: Bosch’s quotes on the development of its ADAS business

Table 3: Overview of Bosch’s ADAS portfolio (Features, sensors, revenues, production, key people)

Table 4: Bosch’s rankings in the European ADAS market: radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors

Table 5: Bosch’s clients: Brands/models that Bosch supports with ADAS content

Table 6: Bosch’s automated driving roadmap 2015-2025+

Table 7: ADAS suppliers’ revenues 2015-2020 & Ranking (EUR Billion)

Table 8: Top-3 Suppliers’ ranking in ADAS Sensor sales in Europe, USA and China in 2017

Table 9: Suppliers’ shares in radar and camera for L1 & L2 ADAS in Europe in 2017 (%, Top-3 ranking)



Figure 1: Bosch’s sales revenue by segment 2014-2020 (M EUR, AGR, Year-end: 31 Dec)

Figure 2: Bosch’s sales revenue 2015 & 2017 by division & ADAS (Year-End: 31 Dec)

Figure 3: Bosch’s total sales of ADAS sensors and brake-down by radar and camera 2013-2017 (M)

Figure 4: Suppliers of radar, camera and other sensors by leading model in 2017-18

Figure 5: Bosch’s ADAS sales revenues 2014-2020 (€ Million, AGR and AV Roadmap

Figure 6: Benchmarking of Bosch’s capabilities in ADAS & Autonomous Driving vs Continental

Figure 7: Bosch’s ADAS-to-automotive revenue Vs. Top3 ADAS suppliers in 2015 vs 2018 & 2020(%)

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