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About Auto2x

Auto2x, which stands for ‘’automotive-connected-to-everything’’, is a London-based automotive consultancy that offers business intelligence reports and custom research to carmakers, Tier 1s & 2s, investment banks, and other stakeholders, on technologies that will enable the transition towards the future of the automotive industry:

  • Intelligent & Autonomous Vehicles: ADAS & Automated Driving, Connected Cars (incl. OTA), Automotive Cyber Security, V2X
  • Efficient & Smart mobility: Alternative powertrains (AFV) and new mobility business models

Auto2x’s report portfolio delivers instant access to expert insights on high-growth automotive segments, assessment of leading performers and technology adoption with an emphasis on demand-supply, regulation, and the competitive landscape. Our services also include custom research and consulting to design a strategy that will secure your leadership position or help you gain a competitive advantage.

How we work


Undertaking quantitative and qualitative research on high-growth automotive market segments to reveal the development of technology in key geographies and its impact on the market size


Providing on-site technical and technological expertise to assist customers on projects or strategy, product planning and achieving competitive advantage

Custom research

On-demand forecasting of key industry metrics (sales, shares, growth rates, market penetration) and key automotive technologies via robust economic models which analyze different markets and run alternative growth scenarios


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