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  • BYD, Changan, Great Wall, Geely, and SAIC have already introduced Self-Parking capabilities that rival the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla
  • Chinese Carmakers leverage their strategic partnerships with foreign OEMs and domestic tech pioneers to fast-track deployment of autonomous parking capabilities

1. SAIC’s Roewe Marvel X and Marvel equipped with Lv.3 “Full-scene Automated Valet Parking”

SAIC, Great Wall and Changan lead Chinese Level 3 Autonomous Parking 1
  • Feature name: “Full-Scene Automated Valet Parking”
  • ADAS Feature Classification: SAE Level 3 Parking-Learning Manoeuvre Parking Pilot
  • Sensor set: 6 HD cameras, a front-reversing radar, 3 millimetre-wave radars; and 12 ultrasonic sensors, AI technology
  • Parking Functionality: Self-Parking, Remote Control Parking, ability to learn the usual parking routes. The sensor suite enables the Marvel X to drive autonomously to the parking lot, search and identify parking spaces and accurately drive in or out of the space. Marvel X’s full-scene automatic parking can also be remotely controlled via a smartphone app.

Availability: Roewe’s BEV SUV Marvel X and its successor Marvel R are currently the only models under the Roewe brand that provide SAE Level 3- Self-learning parking capabilities.

Marvel X’s successor Marvel R also enables parking functions above L2 level. The pure electric SUV integrates Luminar’s Lidar technology to provide vision fusion fully automatic parking. Marvel R is also equipped with Huawei Balong 5000 5G chip that enables 5G/V2X communications, and Mobileye’s EyeQ4H core chip, among other intelligent driving systems.

The brand’s RX5 eMax and iMax 8 are equipped with SAE Level-2 APA automatic parking system.

Other ADAS features: Marvel X enables semi-autonomous driving capabilities of L2 by providing full-speed ACC (0 to 150 km/h), Lane Change Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, ICA highway assist and emergency braking, among other driving features.

2. Great Wall Motor’s ORA “Good Cat” with Lv.3 full-scene Automatic Parking

SAIC, Great Wall and Changan lead Chinese Level 3 Autonomous Parking 2
  • Feature name: “Full-scene Automatic Parking”
  • ADAS Feature Classification: SAE Level 3 Parking-Learning Manoeuvre Parking Pilot
  • Sensor set: High-sensitivity cameras, 2 high-precision millimeter-wave radars, 12 high-precision ultrasonic radars and GPS+Baidu’s high-precision positioning system. Finally, Intel’s intelligent Autopilot chip.
  • Parking Functionality: Self-Parking, ability to learn the usual parking routes. The ORA-Pilot parking system can identify objects such as vehicles, pedestrians, internal locks and no-stop signs in parking spaces, and automatically complete the parking procedure.

During the parking process, the vehicle can automatically complete the horizontal, vertical, oblique, slope and horizontal angle of less than 10% of the scene parking space. The system also provides AI point-to-point memory parking by integrating visual SLAM and ultrasonic radar to memorize and learn commonly used parking spaces and driving routes, and ultimately builds its own regional map.

Availability: GWM’s pure electric ORA Haomao, which means ‘Good Cat”.

3. Changan’s Auto Remote control Valet Parking system in UNI-T series

SAIC, Great Wall and Changan lead Chinese Level 3 Autonomous Parking 3

Feature name: “APA 5.0 Remote Control Valet Parking”

ADAS Feature Classification: SAE Level 3 Parking-Learning Manoeuvre Parking Pilot

Sensor set: APA 5.0 parking system integrates 4 HD wide-angle cameras and front/rear parking radars, ultrasonic radar data fusion.

Parking Functionality: Self-Parking, Remote Control Parking. The vehicle can perform horizontal parking, vertical and diagonal parking, find a parking space within 20m, enter the parking space and complete the entire parking process automatically. The car owner can also use the mobile phone APP to carry out one-key remote parking.

Availability: Changan’s UNI-T series.

Other ADAS: In addition, equipped with IACC integrated adaptive cruise system and Traffic Jam Assist, Changan’s SUV can realize L2+ automatic driving functions. UNI-T, the first model of the brand-new sequence “Gravity”, integrates “Journey II” car-level AI chip and AI vision developed by Horizon Robotics in order to identify the scene-based needs of the drivers and provide corresponding services.

4. Geely’s Xingyue with FOTA and 5G Autonomous Valet Parking

SAIC, Great Wall and Changan lead Chinese Level 3 Autonomous Parking 4

The Xingyue has launched with L2 (APA) automated parking capabilities; the update enables more driverless driving functions such as one-touch 5G AVP that allow users to remotely control the vehicle parking procedure up to 1 km away from their cars! Geely’s new parking technology enables real-time V2X communications; between the driver, the internet-enabled car park, and the car cloud via 5G technology; so that the vehicle can automatically identify a parking space, park or pick up the car owners.

Geely’s SUV Xingye (or Preface) will upgrade its longevity through the use of FOTA to quickly complete updates (in under 30 minutes, with the ability to pre-determine download and update times, according to the company’s announcement); improving this way its vital driving functions such as the automated parking procedure.

Xingyue is equipped with G-Pilot 4, the highest level of Geely’s autonomous driving technical route; that offers intelligent parking capabilities, mobility services and L2+autonomous driving functions, such as intelligent travel pilot (ICC), full-speed ACC, TJA, LCA and in specific Geely models high-speed autonomous emergency braking (AEB CUI high speed).

5. BYD’s DiLink3.0 intelligent driving assistant system

Automated Parking
  • Feature Name: “Vision Fusion Automatic Parking
  • Sensor set: Equipped with 4 wide-angle cameras and 1 intelligent high-sensitivity front camera, high-precision wave radars and up to 12 ultrasonic sensors

BYD launched DiLink3.0 in 2020, an intelligent driving assistant system that includes DiTrainer and DiDAS.

The DiLink3.0 system developed by BYD’s Intelligent Network Center, integrates DiTrainer and DiDas modules in order to optimize the existing L2 autonomous driving systems. DiTrainer is a big-data algorithm system that can automatically “observe” and “learn” driver’s behaviour, determine the driver’s type and, depending on the external driving environment, promptly remind the driver to turn on or to adjust the driving assistance functions provided by DiDAS module. DiDAS module includes AEB, ACC, TJA, PA and other driving functions.

Availbility: BYD’s flagship pure-eclectic sedan HAN was the first model equipped with DiLink3.0 system; currently 7 BYD’s models –Han series, Tang series and Song Plus DM-i – are equipped with DiLink3.0.

Han is currently the only model in BYD’s fleet that is capable of achieving parking functions above L2; approximately 67% of total BYD’s models are below L1 autonomous parking.


HAN can provide full-scenario automated parking with remote control capabilities. BYD plans to install the DiLink3.0 system in more of its existing models in order to close the existing gap in its parking technology deployment.

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