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Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025

Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025 1

Insights from our report: Carmakers’ Automated Driving Roadmaps 2025

Learn how carmakers, Tier-1s and new-entrants, including tech giants Apple and Google (Waymo), plan to overcome the challenges and commercialize autonomous driving

    • How do leading OEMs plan to achieve L4/5 capabilities and by when? We examine OEM strategy, new business models and key collaborations to introduce driving and parking features from Level 2 to Level 4 in private cars
    • Learn why leading Tier-1s are well-positioned to monetize ADAS growth with forecasts for ADAS sensors

Excerpts from our report: Top Tier-1 Suppliers’ ranking in ADAS 2020

The leading 7 ADAS Suppliers will experience average ADAS revenue growth of CAGR 21.5% between 2017 and 2020 which will lead to changes in the global Ranking-by-ADAS Revenue. What’s more, the overall ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue ratio for the major suppliers will increase. Read our report to understand how major suppliers are unlocking the new revenues from increasing fitment of ADAS features in passenger cars.

Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025 2

Regulation for Autonomy, V2X & Cyber Security

The transition from driver-centric regulation to Automated Driving Systems is necessary for the deployment of higher levels of vehicle autonomy. Amendment in international regulations and national traffic laws will soon give the green light for deployment but will there be regional inconsistencies between what’s legal?

Auto2x Perspectives: Automated Driving 2025 3

Automotive Cyber Security  2025: Secure Connected

Our report examines the current demand and supply status, including the regulatory status and offerings from leading companies in Automotive Cyber Security, and delivers forecasts on the development of the global Automotive Cyber Security market for passenger cars over the next decade, coupled with insightful interviews with leading cybersecurity vendors.