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Automotive Trends and Automotive Reports

Automotive Trends and Automotive Reports Reports

Read our automotive reports to learn how automotive trends will shape the future of autonomous driving, electric, shared and circular mobility.

Autonomous, Intelligent and truly-Circular Autos will create tremendous opportunities as technology, regulation and consumer demand converge.

  • Automotive Sustainability represents a $2.4 Trillion market opportunity by 2030, driven by digital innovation.
  • Demand for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will skyrocket by 2030, bringing the TAM to $1.4 Trillion, or 19% of global Automotive revenues.
  • Hydrogen Mobility could reach TAM of $185 Billion by 2026, vs. $671 Billion from Electric Vehicles, $200 Billion for Biofuels and $12 Billion for Fuel cells.
  • Revenues for major suppliers of ADAS & Automated Driving will more than double between 2020 and 2025, from €14B to €35 Billion due to higher sensor fitment.
  • B2C monetization of Connected Car data will add another $69 Billion by 2025 bringing the Connected and Automated Driving market to +$100 Billion.

Access insights on emerging trends, forecasts, benchmarks and roadmaps unveiling the future of mobility, leading players and core technologies.

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