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New real-time, personalized advice and data service to help clients monetize new opportunities in Automotive.

The new SaaS from Auto2x empowers investors, strategists and innovators to identify vendors, new revenue pools and disruptive tech in the automotive industry

Auto2x helps industry experts, strategists, investors, regulators, academics and entepreneurs build new products and services in Mobility, scale their offerings and optimize R&D spending, CAPEX and investments in Automotive and Mobility.

Built on Auto2x’s deep expertise in automotive industry technology, large datasets and focus on customer-centricity, the database unlocks best-in-class vendors to develop new offerings, winning business models and optimization processes for transportation players.

What's included

  • Supply chain in ADAS Sensors: Who-supplies-whom in radar, camera, lidar in EU, USA, Japan and Top Tier-1 supplier market shares;
  • Carmaker Roadmaps Level 2 to 4 by 2030 & Forecast for Europe, USA and China
  • Technology Scouting: Emerging Technologies and new features from the analysis of Patent Fillings, Academic Publications and Start-ups
  • Regulatory Guide: Regulations, policy and standards affecting deployment;
  • Ranking of early-stage Start-ups for partner selection or M&A

10 reasons why you should subscribe now

  1. Identify investment opportunities in start-ups that offer innovative solutions
  2. Support your due diligence of acquisition targets based on their technology capabilities, business models, funding status, and market traction.
  3. Understand investment trends in different regions and sectors of the Automotive ecosystem
  4. Qualify potential partners based on their unique selling points and outlook
  5. Get data-driven analysis and reports on the performance of start-ups in the industry,
  6. Monitor where your competitors invest in and why
  7. Boost your value creation with recommendations on how to leverage the start-up ecosystem
  8. Develop effective strategies and value propositions for collaborating with, investing in, or acquiring start-ups that offer innovative solutions
  9. Prepare for the future by making more informed decisions with insights into the start-up landscape from a technology and geographical perspective
  10. Stay updated on the latest innovations, trends, and opportunities in the rapidly changing start-up ecosystem.

ADAS Supply Chain & Suppliers’ Market Shares

The Supply Chain Database offers an unparalleled level of ADAS sensor mapping to help you navigate the intricate dynamics of the autonomous driving ecosystem

In the rapidly advancing field of autonomous driving, comprehensive insights into the complex supply chain of radar, camera, lidar and other sensors are crucial for success. Who supplies whom is critical for strategic planning, supply chain security, partner or supplier scouting and competitor benchmarking.

The innovative resource offers an unparalleled level of detail and up-to-date information, mapping the intricate connections between sensor manufacturers, system integrators, automotive OEMs, and other key players in the autonomous driving landscape. Auto2x Database supports supply chain security, fostering innovation, facilitating collaboration, and enabling customer success.

Auto2x ADAS Supply Chain Database offers an unparalleled level of sensor mapping to help you navigate the intricate dynamics of the autonomous driving ecosystem.

  1. Extensive ADAS Sensor Analysis in +1,100 models: The database examines the ADAS sensors, including radar, camera, lidar, HD maps, ultrasonics, fitted in over 1,100 passenger car models from 40 global carmakers across six key markets.

  2. Holistic coverage of sensor content for radar, camera, lidar, HD maps and more: The database covers front-facing radars of different technologies, such as millimeter wave or 4D imaging, corner radars, mono, stereo and tri-focal cameras, laser scanners, solid-state lidar, and HD maps. Moreover, there is mapping of the ADAS Features they support, from: Level 1 to Level 4 in passenger cars, across Cruising and Parking features.

  3. Global and regional Supply Chain Coverage: The database comprehensively covers sensor supply chains in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Korea, and India for the Model Years 2021 to 2024 (Calendar Year 2020-2023), providing a holistic perspective on the current and future state of the ADAS and automated driving supply chain.

  4. In-Depth Analysis of +40 Sensor Suppliers: The database meticulously covers more than 25 global suppliers of ADAS sensors, encompassing major Tier-1 ADAS suppliers Bosch, Continental, Denso, Valeo, and Mobileye, as well as emerging players in the LiDAR sector such as Luminar, Innoviz, and Hesai.

  5. ADAS Supplier Market Shares, Rankings and Competitive Landscape Analysis: The database assesses the market shares of suppliers in radar, camera, lidar, and ultrasonics globally and across the six major markets, delivering a clear picture of the competitive landscape.

  6. Real-time updates to ensure that users always have access to the latest information

Autonomous Driving Roadmaps of Top30 Carmakers  

  • Fitment of ADAS by model,
  • carmaker plans for Level 4
  • by Cruising & Parking

Ranking and tracking of 3000+ start-ups to help you identify partners or M&A targets

  • Segmentation by: Electric Vehicles, Batteries, Sustainability, AI, Connected Cars, Shared Mobility and more
  • Monthly update of data: Funding stages captured include Seed, Series-A, B and more
  • Exclusive access to interviews with innovative Start-ups
  • Auto2x ranking of Start-potential to reveal opportunities for investment or partnerships

Who is this for

The Automotive Start-up Database is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. This comprehensive database caters to a diverse audience, including:

Investors: Venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms seeking to identify and support promising automotive start-ups with game-changing technologies.

Industry Experts: Researchers, analysts, and consultants seeking to track emerging trends, identify potential disruptors, and gain insights into the competitive landscape.

Media Professionals: Journalists, bloggers, and reporters seeking to stay informed about the latest innovations, uncover compelling stories, and connect with industry experts.

Automotive Professionals: Engineers, designers, and executives working in the automotive industry, seeking to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies, identify potential partners, and gain a competitive edge.

Start-ups: Entrepreneurs and innovators developing disruptive technologies and business models, seeking to connect with potential investors, partners, and industry leaders.

With its vast repository of data, advanced search capabilities, and insightful analytics, the Automotive Start-up Database empowers users to navigate the dynamic automotive landscape, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions.

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