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Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car

Our Intelligent, Secure & Autonomous car report portfolio delivers the strategy and roadmap of carmakers to reach Full-automation with detailed deployment forecasts in Europe, USA and China, segmented into driving and parking features. It also provides insights on regulation for Connected and Automated Driving as well as cyber security.

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car 1

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car Report Portfolio

Carmakers are investing in Automated Driving to create a new USP

This report focuses on leading car manufacturers’ ADAS & Automated Driving portfolio and their strategies to transition towards full automation and self-driving cars. Moreover, it examines the regulatory landscape and other technical challenges and their implications on deployment of higher level of vehicle autonomy.

Finally, we provide a technological roadmap for the introduction of L2-5 by leading OEM and a penetration forecast of cars equipped with different levels of autonomy over the next decade.

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car 2

  1. Learn about the status of vehicle automation in 2016-18:
    1. What is the availability of key ADAS features, such as AEB, TSR, ACC, LKA, TJA, in leading carmakers in Europe in 2016? We provide in depth segmentation by ADAS/SAE Level;
    2. What is the penetration rate of SAE Level 0, 1 and 2 in European car sales in 2016-17?
    3. Which OEMs lead L2 deployment and why?
    4. What changes in 2017 in terms of deployment of L2 and L3?
  2. Understand the regulatory and engineering challenges carmakers face for the deployment of higher level of vehicle autonomy:
    1. What is the status of Autonomous Driving regulation in major car markets?
    2. What are the differences in the legal and regulatory framework in Europe and the United States and how this will affect L3-5 deployment?
    3. Which geography presents the most favorable environment for deployment of Level 3?
    4. What breakthroughs are required in the area of SW/HW and validation for L3-4?
  3. Read how carmakers, Tier-1s and new-entrants, including tech giants Apple and Google (Waymo), plan to overcome the challenges and commercialize autonomous driving
    1. How do leading OEMs plan to achieve L4/5 capabilities and when?
    2. OEM strategy, new business models and key collaborations
  4. Discover when leading carmakers will launch capabilities of L2, L3, L4 and L5 segmented into Driving (L2-TJA vs L3-TJP) and Parking features (e.g. L2-Self Park, L4-Valet Parking)
    1. What are the trends by ADAS levels in Top Premium OEMs’ model range during 2016-25?
    2. Learn about the penetration of different levels of autonomy in European car sales in 2021
    3. Benchmark competition: strengths and weaknesses of ADAS&AD product portfolio, suppliers and competitiveness

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car 3

Leading ADAS Suppliers to monetise ADAS growth

Leading manufacturers of the cameras, radars, Lidar and ultrasonic sensors used for ADAS will benefit from the uptake of ADAS penetration and the eventual transition towards semi-autonomous and self-driving cars.

Read about the product portfolio (ADAS features and sensors) and key figures of Bosch, Continental, Autoliv, Aptiv and Denso, including sales of sensors (where available). Learn how their shares will develop during 2017-2020.


Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car 4


  1. Ranking by ADAS-to-Automotive revenue in 2017 vs 2020;
  2. Market shares of Suppliers in 2017 in Europe, USA and China by sales of:
    1. Camera sensors (Stereo, Mono, Infrared)
    2. Radar sensors (77GHz and 24GHz)
    3. LIDAR (short-range, scanning)
    4. Ultrasonic sensors
  3. Market shares of ADAS Suppliers in sales of L3 radar and Lidar in Europe in 2020;
  4. Learn why ADAS suppliers will be the ones to benefit most rising ADAS penetration during 2015-20
  5. Read how regulation and the increasing role of software will unveil business opportunities for leading suppliers
  6. Gain an understanding of the current state of market competition in the ADAS market:
    1. Read about the status of ADAS revenues of leading suppliers in 2015-17 (EUR million)
    2. Trends in ADAS radar, camera-based ADAS and sensor fusion until 2020
    3. Get an insight on recent M&A, product deployment and regulation/legislation
  7. Read about the product portfolio (ADAS features and sensors) and key figures of ADAS top Tier-1s including sales of sensors (where available). Learn how their shares will develop during 2017-2020

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Car 5

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