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New car sales in Germany grew by 2.7% in 2017 for the 4th year in a row

New car sales in Europe’s largest car market achieved the highest volume since 2009 amounting to 3,441,262, up 2.7% from the year before.

Data from German KBA showed that growth in Mercedes-Benz (+15,000 units) and volume brands, led by Peugeot (+14,000) and Dacia, compensated for the losses in premium brands, especially VW Group’s Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Germany 2014-17

Gasoline sales (57.7% of total) substituted the falling diesel sales (38.8% of total) in the powertrain mix

In the aftermath of the diesel-gate and continuing concerns over the air pollution caused by older diesels, diesel sales continued their slowdown (-7% year-on-year) and accounted for just 38.8% of the German market, their lowest share since 2009.

Diesel sales also fell in the UK in 2017 by 17.1% y-y.

The Top-10 brands gained 0.9% share as growth in Seat, Renault and Mercedes compensated for the Audi, Porsche and VW losses


Premium OEMs showed losses: VW (-3.3% or -21k), Porsche (-3.1%, -1k)) and Audi (-2.2%, -6.4k



  • Top-3 highest growth %:
    • Tesla: +74.6% (3,332 units in 2017);
    • Alfa Romeo: 42.0% (6,096);
    • Dacia: 27.6% (62,678)
  • Top-3 highest growth volume:
    • Mercedes (+14,902),
    • Peugeot (+14,170),
    • Dacia (+13,554)


  • Top-3 in %:
    • DS (-24.4%),
    • Honda (-20.3%) and
    • Jeep (-9.4%),
  • Top-3 which lost most sales’ volume
    • VW (-21,755),
    • Audi (-6,421) and
    • Honda (-5,132)

The new sales in 2017 fell for the German brands different: German brands lost 1.8% market share

German brands

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