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Automotive Market Research to capitalize on the growth of the Automotive industry

New business models and the adoption of new technologies will enable the Automotive Industry to double its revenues by 2030 to $7.5 Trillion, from $3 Trillion in 2022 and global car sales of 66.2 Million.

Automotive industry professionals, investors, academics and regulations can benefit from our market research to unlock new opportunities. Whether it’s access to primary automotive market research, interviews, or all-you-can-read, you can maximize your budget with Auto2x’s automotive market research solutions.



Interviews with Experts

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Interviews with Experts

New Interviews every Month

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Interviews with Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto2x’s Automotive Market Research is for individuals who are professionals in the automotive industry, automotive or mobility investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, researchers, academics or even students, that want to maximize their budgets by accessing multiple reports, data or primary research.

Auto2x subscriptions are available for a single individual, i.e. single-user access, not multi-client teams. 

The backbones of the Automotive Market Research Subscriptions are primary research, i.e. expert opinion, and secondary research, i.e. Auto2x’s reports. These two components can give you a holistic view of technology, business models and market opportunities.

The Standard plan gives you access to interviews with CEOs, industry experts and investors, to help you understand new business models and evaluate winning strategies. Our analysts speak frequently to new startups, scientists and investors to unveil breakthroughs and validate growth estimates.

  • Interview duration: Between 10 and 40 minutes, in audio or video format;
  • Topics discussed: product strategy, financials, market evolution, supply chain, go-to-market, marketing;

The Pro and Pro+ plans expand this coverage to include access to our research reports in autonomous driving, electrification and shared mobility. Our reports give you instant access to analysis of market opportunities in mobility, new technologies and the evolution of market and the player ecosystem.

  • The reports are being updated on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
  • The reports are available to read-only through our membership portal (except for the Pro+ members);
  • View the list of available reports here.

Every month, a new report will be available to Pro members to read. Pro members will be able to read a total of 25 reports in the course of their annual membership.

The topics of the reports assess technology innovation, market leadership and strategies in the automotive industry in the following domains:

  • Intelligent car: Connected cars, IoV, Cloud, Big data, AI, 5G, V2X, In-car connectivity, Human Machine Interface;
  • Autonomous car: Autonomous driving technology, carmaker strategies, supplier competitiveness, perception sensors, chips, ADAS, Active Safety
  • Secure car: Automotive Cyber Security, regulations, data privacy, start-ups, cloud security
  • Efficient car: Electrification, electric cars, EV batteries, Hydrogen, powertrains,
  • Shared mobility, mobility business models,
  • Sustainability and circular mobility.

Analyst access covers queries to our team about the contents of our reports, the interviews we have conducted and information about our scope of research.

However, it does not include custom research, i.e. answers to questions that are outside of the scope of our reports or information not included in our published research.

You can send queries to Upon receipt of your query, our analyst team will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Every month, Auto2x will send you an overview of all the interviews or reports that are available for you to access.

The communication of updates from our automotive market research will also include the plan for the upcoming months to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates.

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