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“We designed our LIDAR to be as cheap as possible to compete with the cost of ultrasonics and short-range radars. It’s also the only software-definable LIDAR out there”, Paul Drynch, CEO, PreAct

PreAct was founded in 2018 and it is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We spoke to Paul Drysch, Founder  & CEO of PreAct about:

  • Why the market for near-field sensing matters now more than ever for ADAS & Automated Driving
  • How PreAct’s short-range lidar can achieve superior performance for safety without a cost premium
  • Software-definable flash lidar for robotics, smart cities, ADAS & auto insurance
  • Go-to-market strategy, partnership with major Tier-1 and milestones

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“PreAct’s market, near-field sensing, is already a $30 billion a year market. But existing technologies are holding back the industry from reaching self-driving functionality. We want to replace other sensors with our short-range lidar that could enable better functionality and convenience at the same cost” Paul Drysch, Founder & CEO, PreAct Technologies

PreAct’s Software-Defineable Lidar

“We are the only software-definable LIDAR out there today, says Paul. It’s more of a long-term play, but the ability to improve the product over time will enable OEMs to offer upgradeable features for a fee, just like Tesla does. They’ve all come on record saying they’re going to make billions of dollars a year by doing that. I’m not sure if they know how they’re going to do that yet, but they’re all saying it.

In addition to that functionality, we liken ourselves to the ring cameras. They use very simple hardware, but it’s fully upgradeable over time. They add and subtract features.

They keep figuring out ways to get more money from me every month, but it’s worth it because they keep adding value or improving the performance of their cameras. That’s the way we look at it. We’ve got a head start there and we think we’ll be successful with that business model”.


  1. About PreAct Technologies
  • PreAct Technology originates from the military for pre-crash sensing
  • Why replacing near-field ultrasonics and short-range radars with short-range lidar matters
  1. Product differentiation and market positioning
  • PreAct’s Unique Selling Points: Better performance powered by a software-driven model at a similar cost
  1. Go-to-market strategy and milestones
  • Products targetted to the robotics market came by the end of the summer of 2022
  • Leveraging key partnerships to tap to markets
  • Expanding from robotics and near-field sensing for ADAS to insurance
  • Adapting to overcome the challenges ahead
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