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Continental’s Readiness in ADAS & Level 4 Autonomous Driving


  • Publication date: July 2022
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Can Continental improve its outlook on Autonomous Driving?

This report examines Continental’s strategy execution, technology capability and market leadership in ADAS & Autonomous Driving to provide a competitive assessment of their readiness level against other major ADAS Suppliers.

Learn about the capabilities of the company’s portfolio of sensors and features and their roadmap to support Level 3 and Level 4 features in passenger cars and autonomous mobility services.

  • Assess Continental’s position in Ranking by ADAS Revenue vs. Continental and other Tier-1s;
  • Understand Continental’s market shares in 77GHz and 24GHz radar, camera, Lidar, ultrasonics and super-computers in major markets.
  • Learn about Continental’s roadmap and outlook in ADAS

Continental’s Automated Driving Technology Roadmap: ADAS Feature & Sensor Set

Level 3 and L4 require augmented sensing capabilities thus additional front sensors are expected to become part of the ADAS sensor set to enhance robustness.

Lidar and/or high-definition radars are expected to become the norm for this, as Audi A8’s lidar above, but not everybody is going in this direction. For example, Tesla’s HW for the Enhanced Autopilot, which claims L3-4 capability does not include a lidar.

Another key component for these feature roadmaps is the required sensor set for each level of automation presented below.

How is Continental preparing for LEVEL 3-4 Autonomy?

The company is making advancements in the required technologies to support Level 4 Autonomous Driving, i.e. new sensors with better performance in range, FoV and other specifications, cheaper and more efficient systems and new platforms.

Regarding the Sensing building block, which includes building a robust sensor set to capture the vehicle’s environment, Continental is working on next-generation 4D imaging radars, satellite cameras and high-performance lidars.

Their new ARS540 4D Imaging radar can detect non-overridable ground obstacles and under-rideable elevated objects, potholes, and landmarks.

What’s more, their High-Resolution 3D Flash LIDAR (HFL) with 3D Global Shutter addresses applications in automotive, commercial vehicles, agriculture, construction, mining, UAV delivery, and Infrastructure Inspection.

Among other functions or features for L3-4, Continental is developing a “Driving Planner”, a software that performs complex driving manoeuvres autonomously for Level 3 autonomous driving for speeds up to 130 km/h. The company expects to reach series production by 2024.

Finally, they are bringing their experience in System integration, function development, motion control, simulation, and validation to the Consortium owned by BMW and Mobileye that develops software and hardware platforms for L3-5 Autonomous Driving.

Continental holds a strong position in ADAS camera and front radar markets

Until 2020, their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Business Unit was part of the company’s Chassis & Safety Division (along with Vehicle dynamics, Hydraulic Brake Systems, and Passive Safety and Sensorics).

A new structure started in Jan’20 with the Chassis & Safety division transforming to the Autonomous Mobility & Safety (AMS) under the Automotive Technologies Group.

AMS recorded sales of €7.5 million in 2020. From 2022, Automotive will include Autonomous Mobility, Safety and Motion and VNI.

To assess the market shares of each ADAS Supplier, we have considered the sensor portfolio of each Supplier and the ADAS supply chain by radar, camera, and lidar for 212 models.

170 models equipped with at least one Level 1-Driving system (e.g. ACC, AEB or LDW) and 42 models fitted with a Level 2-Driving system (Traffic Jam Assist / Cruise Assist) as part of the optional and standard equipment (since take rates are not available).

Continental benefits from a strong portfolio of radar, forward-looking and surround-view cameras and Lidar sensors.

Continental is in a unique position to monetize growth in ADAS by utilizing:

  • A competent technological portfolio with Lidar, radar and camera systems combined with a full system stack that enables Continental to monetize the increasing ADAS sensor content for L2-4;
  • Serial contracts for every technology and 360-degree ADAS (Audi and BMW with LDW; Mercedes-Benz with ACC+Stop&Go and Pre-Safe; GM with ACC: Cadillac STS and DTS; Hyundai with ACC and Emergency Brake Assist; and Volvo and Mazda with Blind Spot Warning);
  • 100% system supplier from design and manufacturing to validation and expansion to new services in system integration and functions.

To understand how Continental performs:

Continental ADAS
Continental ADAS Supplier

Expansion of ADAS Portfolio to High-Performance Computers

Continental says their supercomputer can reduce the development time for ADAS and Autonomous Driving from a few weeks to a few hours. Continental’s supercomputer has already found applications in VW’s ID.3.

In 2022, Continental received the first-series order for Vehicle High-Performance Computer In China. The company has won 2 customers in AD HPC for SOP 2022 in Japan and 2023 in Germany.

Table of Contents


1.1.    ADAS Revenues by 2021

1.2.    Continental’s ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue Vs. Top-3 Tier-1 Suppliers

1.3.    Sensor sales & production

1.4.    Clients in ADAS & their Geographical Coverage

1.5.    Continental’s ranking in ADAS Sensors in Europe, USA, China

1.6.    Continental’s Outlook in ADAS by 2025


2.1.    Continental’s Radars VS. Competition

2.2.    Cameras

2.3.    LIDAR

2.4.    Computing Platform

2.5.    Level 2 to Level 4 Driving and Parking Feature

2.6.    Continental’s Hardware-Software for Level-4 Autonomous Driving


3.1.    Vision in Autonomous Driving in cars, trucks & AMOD

3.2.    M&A, Investments and Partnerships in Autonomous Driving



Publication date: February 2022
Number of pages: 19
Number of tables and graphs: 21 (10+11)
Word count: 5,367

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