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Dave Opsahl is the CEO of Actify, a software and services company that provides solutions for manufacturers primarily for the automotive industry, typically Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers.

The software we deliver helps suppliers communicate with their customers about Requests for Quotations (RFQ) and build. We make it possible for them to take the design information and be able to understand what’s the item at issue, CEO Actify

Actify supports the efficient automotive program management

David Opsahl: “The shift of the automotive industry to electrification and the pace at which the OEMs introduce new models impact program management. There is a correlation between a new model launch and a program because every new model creates a new program. These program managers are a bottleneck in this process. You can’t run the business for the supplier if you don’t have enough of them to manage the programs you’re able to win”.

“According to automotive industry data, the number of programs will increase by 50% to 65% over the next three years. There is a huge wave coming at the suppliers. But they don’t have any idea how to handle it. We have discovered that the program management constraint exists because about 85% of the 2,000 plus companies we have as customers are predominantly in that automotive supply chain”.

Listen to the interview to understand:

  • The need for digitalization of Program Management in the automotive industry to support the complexity and scalability of the vehicle and parts manufacturing
  • How Actify’s software management & UX can help to overcome resource constraints & support the fast transition to electrified mobility & networked driving
  • Actify’s go-to-market strategy, product-fit benefits and availability of solutions

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Table of Contents

  1. About Actify and the problem they solve
    • Actify automates and supports efficient program management for automotive suppliers, a key business function, but largely fragmented today
    • The automotive industry’s transformation to electric powertrains and digitalization brings a new wave of challenges to Program Managers
    • Actify’s Program Management Software is already available today
  2. Go-to-market strategy
    • North America is the primary geography of focus due to its unique characteristics
    • How to overcome the major challenges: Industry awareness and prioritization
    • The role of development partners to achieve product fit
  1. Demand, competing and scaling
    1. Competition from Product Lifecycle Management companies
    2. Getting the UX right is a key part of client success
CEO Actify