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00:04 Recogni's unique proposition in Autonomous Driving

00:26 Recogni's performance and power consumption benefits

01:06 Cost benefits

Recogni is enabling ADAS Level 2+ and Autonomy with its Peta-Op class, high-performance and low power consumption vision inference system. The Cupertino, California-based company, was founded in 2017 and counts Toyota Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Faurecia, Bosch and Continental among its investors.

We spoke to the company’s Founder and Chief Product Officer, RK Anand, about Recogni’s vision, current status and growth potential.

We are a “Silicon + Systems + AI” company”, R K Anand, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Recogni

Recogni’s computing to advance driver assistance systems to highly autonomous driving

Autonomous Driving computational platforms that combine high-performance processing of vehicle perception data and low power consumption are one of the building blocks to transition to higher levels of autonomy. Today, many players are facing challenges with real-time processing of the vast amount of data required to enable SAE Level 3 and 4.

Listen to the interview to understand:

  • Why computing is a key enabler for safer ADAS, as well as higher autonomy;
  • Recogni’s advantages in high-performance, low-power consumption computational platforms for perception processing;
  • How product fit and customer acquisition matter for Recogni’s growth strategy;
  • Recogni’s success story, milestones and growth velocity

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