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00:04 The high potential of PreAct's near-field sensing market

00:45 PreAct's unique proposition in Autonomous Driving

00:57 Cost benefits of PreAct's software-driven Lidar

“We designed our LIDAR to be as cheap as possible to compete with the cost of ultrasonics and short-range radars. It’s also the only software-definable LIDAR out there”, Paul Drynch, CEO, PreAct

PreAct was founded in 2018 and it is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We spoke to Paul Drysch, Founder & CEO of PreAct about:

  • Why the market for near-field sensing matters now more than ever for ADAS & Automated Driving
  • How PreAct’s short-range lidar can achieve superior performance for safety without a cost premium
  • Software-definable flash lidar for robotics, smart cities, ADAS & auto insurance
  • Go-to-market strategy, partnership with major Tier-1 and milestones

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