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Interview with AiDEN Automotive’s CEO on connected cars

AiDEN Automotive is a Swedish start-up that aims at disrupting the connected services space by finally making connected services, well, connected. Meaning – bidirectional communication between vehicles, infrastructure, businesses and more.

Until now, “connected” services were only one-way push connections. The company’s focus is on making the driving/in-vehicle experience seamless, responsive, and convenient, while at the same time creating revenue streams for both OEMs and service partners.

AiDEN Automotive

Auto2x spoke with AiDEN Automotive’s CEO Niclas Gyllenram to understand how their white label and bidirectional service hub aims at disrupting the automotive industry and connected services.

The Challenge

The automotive industry is facing a major challenge: The need for a complete and efficient solution that addresses the delivery and management of digital services, as well as communication, revenue, and privacy compliance across all parties. Existing solutions fall short. Proprietary cloud integrations, mobile apps and external OBD hardware provide only partial solutions, use anonymous data and lack scalability and compliance with current privacy regulations.

The Solution

Introducing the first white label and bidirectional service hub for the automotive industry. Our software-only solution streams real-time services across multiple vehicle brands, providing a simple and intuitive experience for vehicle owners, fleet owners, and drivers. With 100% GDPR and CCPA compliance, AiDEN’s consent management feature ensures improved and personalized features and experiences, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy protection. 

AiDEN System APP

AiDEN utilizes a single software running on Android Automotive OS installed in the vehicle, standardizing data and communication. This results in a consistent set of normalized data. Our innovative off-the-shelf software, takes minutes to install and enables infinitive services in the vehicle providing contextual and tailored user experiences.

AiDEN Service HUB for OEMS

The AiDEN HUB enables OEMs an intuitive way to dynamically manage services and data. We provide OEMs with complete access and control over managing, monitoring, and monetizing services in real-time. OEMs can choose which services to connect with their vehicles and can specify which services are offered in specific vehicles by VIN number. This gives OEM’s a never-before-seen ability to activate services at any geographic scale with the flick of a switch.

AiDEN HUB for service partners

Service partners have the flexibility to choose specific signals, set the frequency of data, and create triggers. This allows them to gather data before and after a trigger event, and provide a service back to the vehicle. AiDEN’s user interface pipeline activates an ability to launch & operate web apps to communicate directly with the driver. No complex coding, nor expensive third-party in-vehicle apps are required.

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AiDEN Automotive’s CEO Niclas Gyllenram