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00:04 Ubirider's solutions in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

00:26 Ubirider's unique proposition in shared mobility

00:50 Partnership with Mastercard to integrate pay-and-ride

Ubirider was founded in Porto, Portugal in July 2018 with a vision to “reduce the fragmentation of mobility”, according to its CEO.

“We don’t believe that it is possible to change or transform mobility by just working for the riders or just working for the providers. We believe that it is necessary to generate equal value for both.” Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, Founder & CEO, Ubirider

The company offers a platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). The front end allows people to plan trips everywhere in the world from any place to any place. In some places, the platform also allows customers to pay for all of that.

Recently, the company announced a partnership with Mastercard to integrate payments in Ubirider’s Pick Hub.

Learn about Ubirider’s solutions in Mobility-as-a-Service

“Ubirider has built Pick as an independent digital platform which combines traditional and modern ways of transportation to smartly connect and help both travellers and transport operators. The mobile app Pick by Ubirider (Android, iOS) allows users to plan door-to-door travel, pay and ride to all destinations, everywhere, using the best transport combination.

Through the Pick Hub web interface, transport operators benefit from a new, independent and transparent channel to manage ridership and fare collection in real-time, without additional infrastructure”.

We spoke to Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, Founder & CEO of Ubirider on:

  • Why Ubirider’s data-sharing business model is crucial for growth
  • How Ubirider’s customer-centricity becomes a USP
  • The role of seamless payments to advance multi-modal transport
  • Expansion plans in Portugal, the UK, funding & more

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